Welcome to Brownsville's Biggest Loser Challenge

The City of Brownsville and the UT School of Public Health, Brownsville Regional Campus announce the start of the 5th annual Brownsville’s Biggest Loser Challenge! The goal of the challenge is to inspire local residents to increase physical activity, make healthy food choices, and when necessary, lose weight in order to improve overall health. The rates of obesity and diabetes in our community are some of the highest in the nation and this Challenge is designed to address this. Please visit often to find out more information about future events! 



  Categories & Prizes

 Individual Female

1st place : $200
2nd place:$50

Individual Male

1st place:$200
2nd place: $50  
Large Group, 11-26 people

1st place: $1200
2nd place: $200

Small Group, 2-10 people

1st place: $600
2nd place: $100

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